December 1, 2018


The last month of 2018 will bring major life events to Sagittarius, Taurus and Virgo, people of significant influence to Aries, Gemini, Cancer and Leo, and energetic shifts of the heart and resources to the rest of the zodiac. Clarity is called for - but in what area of your life, you'll have to find out...

A new revelation or relationship will have you quickly realize that you need balance and moderation in all that you do. Try to live softer, allow for the grey area and avoid your usual extremes. Your own healing must be a priority now.

9 of Swords
You're ready to battle those inner demons (the stress, anxiety and workaholism) which hold you at a distance from others. You will recognize your own power this month and how you choose and create your own discomfort.

10 of Crystals
You will apply new ideas to old structures, likely challenging family systems, your community or you'll be shaking up your workplace. These structures may be tried and true, but your new vision will allow things to flourish on a whole new level.

5 of Pentacles
You will understand why the things you've desired always seem out of reach. Through much pain and disappointment, you've likely repeated some patterns, but did you get the lesson? An impending ah-ha moment will bring you some freedom and the power will be back into your hands. Time to cut yourself loose of beliefs that keep in you on the outside looking in.

King of Cups
Every quest needs a hero, every hero needs a side-kick. There is a person around you who lives in his heart and knows how to balance his emotions. He isn't cold or self-centred, he doesn't overwhelm others with his pain. This is what you need to emulate, so seek this person out and have him mentor you. Likely an older Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

This month will call you to reflect on how far you've come and what you've overcome. The worst is over. Now you know that pain has its purpose, so appreciate how it has formed you and made you wiser and even courageous as a result. How can you help others now?

Page of Cups
Messages of love or a notice of pregnancy are coming to you now. This energy is that of the optimistic child, wearing their heart on their sleeve. Pages can be younger people (any gender) or can speak to the energy we need to hold in our hearts. Allow the softness to spread within you. Let love glow around you.

Page of Wands
A new energy, person or creative endeavour is about to start. You could have travel on the horizon or the itch to do so. The quest you're called in for is that of inspired and clear/directed action. You could also be greatly influenced by a Fire Sign (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) that has some important lesson for you now. Time to listen.

King of Crystals
An influence of an older man, new ideas or an increase in your knowledge or acceptance about your resources and value. You're enacting a new plan that will unfold a lasting legacy and this mentor/husband/father (not all in one, calm down) will help you develop your skills and mastery. He has much to show you.

A new relationship or an era of abundance is upon you now. This is the divine feminine bursting at the seams in your life, so expect creative breakthroughs and a deeper self-confidence. The Empress will have you feeling like you're at one with the universe, manifesting all you desire. Enjoy!

5 of Cups
You're about to be hit with a new revelation around the hurt and loss you've experienced in your personal relationships and why failure was utterly necessary. Perhaps you've already found your Sword in the Stone, the one thing that is meant for you. If not, you're about to. Leave the spilled cups of the past where they belong and think positive about your bright future.

6 of Crystals
A new venture in work will have you excited to see how resources can be shared out of justice and equality. You are called to serve your community in a meaningful way and you will bring much of your skills to the table. Rejoice in the fact that you will receive all you've put into this venture.

* * * 

I used the Golden Thread tarot for this spread - you can follow me on instagram @screamqueenB as I pull weekly cards on my Instastories. If this resonated for you - please leave me a comment

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