November 2, 2018

Theme for November 2018: Momentum

If you find a woman with a wild heart, try not to tame her.
You must adore her recklessly, the way she is meant to be loved.
Try not to quiet her, for her roars will reach far and wide.
She has something important to say. Help her say it.
Do not get in her way. She stops for no one.
Do not try to change the path she has chosen.
Learn also to love the wind, and let it change you.
- C.B. Wild Hearted Woman

The Chariot is a major life event, an influence that changes direction, a force that cannot be stopped. I pulled this card for the theme of November from the Wild Unknown Tarot, I love the imagery of the three spheres in alignment: The Sun, The Moon, and the Pentacle. This speaks to celestial blessings coming down upon us, the masculine and feminine united and brought into form. The Pentacle is the symbol of humanity. It's our energy, our united front. This can be about new relationships coming in fast and furious, about moving towards our dreams, chasing that career or new fortune. With this energy, being clear in our intention, the universe will assist in anything that is in our highest good. 

And like the hoofs trampling through the arena, it is likely we will feel overwhelmed or not up to the task. We may be on a course faster than expected, where the thrill quickly turns into a panic and the wind begins to feel too sharp or maybe we've lost control of the reigns.

The Chariot tells us to trust our instincts. To allow ourselves to be led by the heart. To have faith in this momentum and trust it is all for our highest good. Can we then lift our hands up to the sky, to feel the adrenaline of this and celebrate, knowing this is what freedom can feel like when we've stopped holding on so tight? Can we laugh at our fear and realize this is fun? This is what it's supposed to feel like.


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