November 5, 2018

Moonscapes November 2018

Pulling the tides and agitating the asylums, the Moon holds great influence on our emotional life. As such, it’s essential for those tuned-in and turned up to grasp some understanding of how to harness the cycles and utilize them bolster to our inner transformation. 
Here’s a snapshot of the month ahead:

The Raging Moon - New Moon in Scorpio - November 7, 2018 

Seeing ourselves as others see us would probably confirm our worst suspicions about them.
- Franklin P. Jones
If this was a Full Moon in Scorpio, I’d say eat plenty of iron and hide the butcher knives. Thank God this is a New Moon, the beginning of the cycle (or the battle) and not the climax. 

Author Raven Kaldera casts this New Moon in Scorpio as the Raging Moon, for we can expect to be deep in our feelings and uncomfortably so. Many of us will feel like the petulant child who isn't getting their way, facing our selfishness and irrational desires. This is an opportunity to witness the ways we can act-out in order to serve or preserve ourselves. Kaldera states "being powerless and unable to change your world is beyond frustrating, it’s soul-wounding.” Let's let that sit for a moment. If our souls are feeling wounded from what we have no control over, then our anger will be red flags placed in the wounds that need healing. Be mindful of what you spot in others as an irritation or judgment as this is what you need to work out within yourself.

We are powerless over many things - but in knowing where our jurisdiction begins and ends, that is how we can move through this and set intentions on what we value and what we want to experience. This energy reminds me of the 7 of Pentacles - the insufferable frustration that comes from planting seeds and not seeing the results you’ve been looking for. This time calls for patience and self-reflection to make use of the void or limbo you may find yourself in. We tend to avoid anger because of the discomfort, but it can be very useful in defining our boundaries or where we are crossing over others. In what ways can you embody a new mantra or routine that will help you cultivate more patience and faith in the unknown?

The Storyteller’s Moon - Full Moon in Gemini - November 23, 2018

The destiny of the world is determined less by the battles that are lost and won than by the stories it loves and believes in.
- Harold Goddard

Up until recently I felt that I had zero skills for the apocalypse. As someone obsessed with such an occasion and no survivalist skills, I resigned myself at least be useful entertaining everyone in the bunker and not to be the asshole who puts everyone as risk for saving the dog (a highly likely scenario). And then, a handsome philosopher (with a stunning amount of apocalypse skills) pointed out that without stories, there is no society. No laws, no principles, nor historians, no ideals to work toward. Therefore, storytellers are some of the most important contributors to the human race. At least, that's what I took from the conversation.

This Full Moon illuminates this energy with us and gives the opportunity to consider the stories we tell ourselves, the roles we play, the archetypes we feel drawn to or draw into our life. Are satisfied with what this looks and feels like?

In the way that I can move from the lowest contributor to a potential leader of the Rebuilders in an apocalyptic scenario - the story is telling (ha) in how I’ve viewed myself and my importance in the larger picture. It's also essential to consider what was stirred up in the New Moon and how it can come to a close here. Can we bury the past and start a fresh?

This energy is The World card - the end and release of the old life the beginning of something grand and new. We are asked to release the old stories that no longer serve us, which is also about being mindful of what we speak and communicate. This moon is in Gemini after all, so all the ideas, visions and words that we speak into spells must be paid great attention to. In working with this energy, take time to write about what needs to be released - what false story is holding you back from what you can be? Are you ready for the new way of life?


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