October 1, 2018

Theme for October 2018: Emotional Fulfillment

Deck designed by Fabio Listrani
 Happy family, marriage, achieving your heart's desire, lasting legacies and deep love. The 10 of Cups is the perfect entrance into Libra season, a sign that lives for relationships and social ties. October is about the harvest and I love the synchronistic message for us here (10th month/10th card) that speaks to the culmination of joy and gratitude. Hello Thanksgiving! 

We're truly at the end of a cycle, pulling forth all we've invested energetically. It's time to share the fruits of our (emotional) labour.  This is a positive sign for those who have started a new romance. This can lead to a long-term union with potential for marriage. It's also an indication of greater connection and perhaps new additions to the family for existing relationships. For those who have recently transitioned to new jobs, new social circles or new locations, you will quickly find your groove and be embraced as part of the family. 

Our spiritual path and purpose is to build the container that can sustain these energies. It's time to open up your home, connect with your community and revel in the love that surrounds you. Particularly if you're feeling left out in the cold, focus on how you can create the space to invite others in (physically, emotionally).

The 10 of Cups lets us know that the greatest joy and happiness comes through our community and our intimate relationships. We need each other and the love we bring to the table grows exponentially. Look for ways that you can contribute and participate. Scan the horizon for those who need family and fellowship. Open your heart to the real connections that are available to you here and now.

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