August 25, 2018


September is ruled by the energies of manifestation and culmination. These two cards flew out in tandem while I was shuffling the deck, an auspicious sign for the 9th month of the year!

The 9 of Cups is the wish card. We see a woman who has manifested her heart's desire, who appears fulfilled from her own light within.  The 9 of Crystals shows Orion, the talented hunter, taking aim. Traditional decks show the 9 of Pentacles as the woman in the garden surrounded by the fruits of her labour. In all meanings, the 9 is a solo journey of success and triumph. This is a message that in matters of the heart and your finances/career, you will be very happy due to your own contributions. Continue reading your tarotscope to see how this will most impact your astro sign.

Earth signs are experiencing a blossoming abundance in your career and with your finances and this will likely unfold over the next few months in a continuous stream. Those of you who have been sacrificing personal connections to build your empire, it's paying off, but now be sure you are able to enjoy it.

Air signs are developing a deeper sense of inner strength by realizing you are the key to your own happiness. Whether this means being ecstatically happy being single or feeling thrilled in an entrepreneurial pursuit, you have the power and you're starting to feel it.

Water signs are healing and expanding their heart chakras, coming to a deeper sense of letting go of the past by recognizing the love you have within you and all you can be grateful for. Remember, the 9's are the solo journey that occurs right before ultimate fulfillment (10 of Cups - Happy Family / 10 of Pentacles - Family Legacy). Hold true to the dream in your heart.

Fire signs are delving into the realm of financial abundance, respecting your resources and your energy. You may be more reserved this month, pulling back because you know your value.


10 of Wands
The work you've put in to create a happy life for yourself has begun to take its toll. You've reached fulfillment of a creative endeavour or are feeling the burden of having a lot on the go. Take a time out to indulge in some self-care and spend some time in nature.

6 of Swords:
 With the influence of inner strength and self-fulfillment comes the rite of passage, you're finally coming out of a difficult situation and things will feel brighter and lighter for a while. If your experience could be personified in a 90's movie, it would be "Stella Got Her Groove Back." Congrats Libra, it's about time.

The Lovers:
Two Nines with The Lovers is essentially a Royal Flush, Scorpio. September will have you falling madly in love or reuniting with that person you've been dreaming of. The Lovers is also a major arcana card, which means a significant life change (engagement, pregnancy, honeymoon) that will unfold over the next few months. Time to praise yourself for the good karma and enjoy.

4 of Cups:
Time for an attitude adjustment Sag, because you're surrounded by everything you could ever want - but it's still not enough, is it? There's an expression of having a "God-sized hole" within, meaning no material trappings can satiate your hunger. It's an issue of lacking purpose and meaning if you're still focused on what you don't have.

3 of Swords:
Heartache and loss have been on your mind as of late, contemplating the choices you've made that have contributed to your own pain. You will now be feeling solace and peace when you focus on spending time alone, and not because everyone else is an idiot, but because you're good company and you deserve to be happy. Let go of regret and appreciate what you have to offer.

4 of Swords:
Rest your brain Aquarius, it's time to pull back into yourself and get introspective. This doesn't mean go down the rabbit hole and get caught up in conspiracy theories about secret space programs... no. Get acquainted with what's in your heart and what you truly want. This is a bit of a limbo month to get clear about who you are. Take the time.

This truly is a time to be alone and seek answers. Allow your inner parent to use some self-soothing practices for your inner child. No drugs, sex, or food can solve the problems that have revealed themselves. It's time to tend to your spirit, find out what you're really crying out for, and know that only you can feed it.

Queen of Swords:
You are influenced by an Air Sign that has completely shaken you out of your usual independent spirit. You could be making an offer or anxious about rejection, as Air can be cutting and cold. Remember the 9's of this month - you can make a successful connection when you come from the heart and make a true offer.

The Star
Dreams come true Taurus! You are receiving all that you desire and feeling absolutely blessed as a result. Enjoy this spiritual influx and be mindful that your loyalty to your values is what has created this moment for you. You truly deserve this happiness.

Knight of Cups:
Romance lasers are set to stun! Your head and heart are definitely riding some pink clouds right now and September will be marked with a passion for whoever catches your eye. Your charm is irresistible and very persuasive. Be sure you want what you're after.

2 of Pentacles:
 You're feeling the love and abundance, but balance is going to be imperative for you right now. In matters of the heart, don't juggle options or gamble with your desires. In relationships, hear the other's perspective and weigh it with your own. In life and work balance, you will be tested to find your happy medium.

Ace of Pentacles
Expect a new offer to come sweeping in, either in work, love or both! The Aces are new energies that come to breathe fresh life in and pentacles are those earthy, tangible bits that fire signs usually bypass. You will be very happy to receive this gift Leo, so stay open!

* * * 

I used the Golden Thread tarot for this spread - you can follow me on instagram @screamqueenB as I pull weekly cards on my Instastories. If this resonated with you - please leave me a comment!


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