August 8, 2018


The theme of August is Sacred Convergence. We are being called to merge with our shadow self, to allow our darkness to reveal and be healed. This can be a time of deep discomfort within ourselves, often reflected as battles outside of us. We may be feeling lost or scattered while we rearrange. This gift in this is, we are coming to see how our belief is shaping our world, not the other way around. How will this energy show up in your life?

Earth signs are going to experience this in their sacral chakra, bringing forth our creative and sexual expression and healing any blocks in these areas. This can touch upon shame, feelings of worthiness and avoidance of intimacy or the spotlight.

Air signs will be triggered by grief and loss. Past relationships or old traumas resurface to show contrast or create the need for an emotional bottom. If we're playing out a neverending story of betrayal or abandonment, it's time to heal this.

Water signs will be challenged by the new experience. Everything is shifting around you which creates internal instability. Even the appearance of the new you've been hoping for can be challenging. Do you feel worthy of what you receive? Do you freely offer what you have?

Fire signs will be asked to go within, take time for contemplation and reevaluation. Pay close attention to your values, where you put your energy, how you collect your resources. There could be the need to reassess your current relationships or career choices.


8 of Cups:
You are called to reflect on what you need to let go of in order to achieve your emotional fulfillment. This is considered the dark journey, the need to walk through the unknown and turn away from what is familiar in order to receive what is meant for you. What are you holding onto that's not truly yours?

7 of Pentacles:
You are called to notice your creative expression is hindered by your frustration over the time it takes to manifest. Seeds have been planted in all areas of your life, but it will take time for things to bloom. What do you say to yourself when you're made to wait? Listen. These thoughts are what you need to let go of.

Knight of Cups:
Your area of acceptance will focus on your disappointment with your love relationships. The Knight of Cups is someone familiar, perhaps a pattern. They represent the call of romance, not necessarily a commitment.  It's time to heal so you can court someone with more substance. Give yourself the love you are seeking in others and be discerning of who gets to hold your tender heart. 

King of Pentacles:
You are being called into the next phase of life to develop your worth. Many of you will be taking the time to collect your resources so that you can build a solid container for the things you value. This King is the provider. He knows he is worthy, but it's not about the job or the bank account. It's who you are. You are perfect and whole now. Someone is seeking what only you can offer.

King of Swords:
You are called to reflect on what is true, what is just and what is right. The King of Swords is discerning, yet fair. Perhaps you are evaluating your actions and coming up against some harsh truths about yourself and others. Just notice. Plenty will be revealed and justice will be served.

3 of Cups:
You are called to notice your creative expression is enhanced by community and your place within as an equal participant. You will be shown the ways that you avoid connection, love and even joy by being far too focused on work and what needs to be done right (aka your way). Time to allow yourself to celebrate and have fun for once.

5 of Cups:
Your area of acceptance will focus on your disappointment in projects, creative ventures or relationships that did not work out. This signals being too tied to the past, replaying scenarios of your failures, unable to feel hope again. Feelings aren't facts - remember that. There is always hope, once you stop focusing on what you've had to let go of.

King of Cups:
You are being called into the next phase of life to become comfortable expressing your emotions. The King is someone who is reliable, gentle, supportive. Do you have these qualities? Are you an emotional provider or have you drained those around you? Have you drained yourself by giving too much? The King has wisdom for you to acquire. Your relationships will be tested.

2 of Wands:
You are called to reflect on what path you want to take for your life. Evaluate the past and dream of the future. Do you like your present circumstances? Who do you have to be to have the life that thrills you? This is about creating a strategic plan and following it through.

You are called to notice your creative expression is enhanced through union, tradition and structure. This is a call for collaboration, commitment and reciprocity. Going through life alone is no longer optimal. You deserve support. How does that truth challenge your typical way of doing things?

Ace of Pentacles:
Your area of acceptance will focus on the tension of the past and the present. You may be starting a new job, a new phase of relationship or entering a new home, but it's not feeling that good, is it? When we receive what we've hoped for, it can create scarcity around the impending loss - when will the other shoe drop? Be gentle on yourself. It takes courage to allow joy into your life. Take it slowly.

Knight of Swords:
You are being called into the next phase of life to move forward now! Take charge, lead the pack, put your ideas into motion and do not back down from what you know is right and what needs to be done. You'll be feeling more aggressive than usual - so watch your tone. You want allies, not enemies.

* * * 

I used the Golden Thread tarot for this spread - you can follow me on instagram @screamqueenB as I pull weekly cards on my Instastories. If this resonated for you - please leave me a comment.

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