July 29, 2018



If this dream is breaking my heart, maybe I need a bigger dream.

There is space between desire and attainment. We have an expanse within where all things exist, where faith calls us to see the unseen and wait. So what happens when our desires begin to break our spirits? When the waiting seems far too long and we begin to see the evidence of our unworthiness. It’s not here. It’s not coming. It’s not meant for me.

Fortitude is the courage through pain and adversity. It’s having a backbone, a force that walks us forward when our hearts are broken.

It’s having grit, which means we’ve allowed ourselves to be scoured by the stands of the desert - that space between desire and attainment.  It means we’ve been worn down by the sharp particles, found strength of character and resolve.

Resolve means solution, medicine. Grit means abrasion is our process of healing. The desert strips us of what we don’t need, who we are not, what is not true. Having grit means you know it’s going to hurt. It has to.

I think of the familiar story of Christ walking through the desert. Fasting. Allowing the hunger. Withstanding the ache of being without. This story illustrates how we build resilience. Avoid the temptation of low-hanging fruit. Heed the warning of giving over free-will to the easier, softer way. At some point, the desert will give way. We will arrive. We will have our fulfillment.

Fortitude is the practice of stepping forward with no clear path, no sign of nourishment and the winds have not given up their sharp sting. But still, we continue. 

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