July 26, 2018

Breath of Life

Breathless (1960)
"Between grief and nothing... I will take grief. Which would you choose? 
"Grief's stupid. I'd choose nothing. It's no better, but grief's a compromise. I want all or nothing." 

The Thug & The Journalist. An odd pair of lovers in the French New Wave classic Breathless.  I still find their conversations on love and relationships relevant to the struggles we face in today’s modern romance. How do we maintain autonomy while satiating our longing for connection? Why the constant battle between the head and the heart? As tough as we’d love to imagine ourselves to be, we all have the desire to be seen and to mean something to someone. So why are we struggling?

It truly comes down to this question: are you willing to take a risk and experience love and all it offers you? Most of us would say yes, of course. It’s common practice to embrace pithy slogans of “better to try than not at all,” but have you? Have you really tried?

How comfortable are you with the truth that love and loss walk hand-in-hand? What stories do you tell yourself about how it’s unrealistic before it even starts? What obstacles hold you back? Time? Distance? Previous Hurts?

Do you notice your retreat? Your avoidance? How fear shows up as responsible thinking?

Life is a story. Far too many of us are content with allowing nothing to happen within it. Far to many let someone walk away without them knowing how they live in our minds and thrill our hearts. Better to not feel the pain of before - better to play safe. This, is death. It’s the flatline. You’re either in for the ride or you’re not moving at all. It’s time to choose and set yourself free.

The consistent energy of the cards in my readings this month point to truths revealed and reconciliation. There’s massive energies between the feminine and masculine ending a period of separation, a space of non-communication. People are connected in realms that are unseen and it’s time to come into the light. It’s time to speak to our desires and let our heart lead - knowing that what we risk is grief. We must risk this.

So I ask you. What secret wish lives within you? Who needs to know how you feel? It’s time to tell the truth.


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