June 4, 2018


Your Personal Tarotscopes will now include free readings for all signs and a focused look at that energies coming forth for the month. The YouTube Channel for Scream Queen B Tarot has been officially launched!!! Watch the video above and continue reading for your personal sign, sun + rising.

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9 of Wands: Open Heart, Big Fence

Your instincts on the matter are correct - you should be focused on you and what you need. Gain distance and reconginze you’ve put up with a lot of self-centred behaviour from others. It’s ok to call for more boundaries, to practice radical self care and say “hells no” no drama or bullshit at your doorstep. Take the high road, both for best ways of dealing with this and to see the bigger picture.

Page of Wands: Spark of New Ventures!

This messenger of creativity, passion and travel comes to you now and asks for your attention. Will you join them on this new venture and answer the call? Your attention and fascination points the way of what fuels your soul. If it seems like a departure, don’t worry about it! Follow any breadcrumbs of excitement and more will be revealed.

King of Cups: A Lover & Friend

 A man of influence - deeply rooted in his heart, tender and dreamy, a little silly, perhaps idealistic - he calls to you now to join in the realm of feelings. He has something to teach about about love and why it’s worth waiting for. Whether a partner or a parent, this masculine energy is the safe container for you to move through the unknown and embrace who you are. So watch out for this one.

Justice: Clarity & Perspective

When we’ve been wronged, we often keep score and focus on the harm brought upon us. Justice served is gaining a deeper perspective - hearing all of the facts, weighing in after seeing all of the evidence, not just our side. You’re asked to see your part in your heartache and disappointments, what is fair, what is true and what are your values now that you have deeper clarity? 

10 of Cups: Fulfillment at Last

Along the way of endless disappointment, you’ve finally decided to focus on you and fill your own cups, turning away from situations that were draining, stagnate, and unfair. The result - absolute ecstasy and an outpouring of love. Once you turned your head from what wasn’t working, you finally notice how much the universe loves you. You deserve this and more! 

Hierophant: Sacred Union

The truth is - you do know what you want, but have kept your desires secret, downplayed and in the dark, feigning confusion. Stop staying “I don’t know” - because you do. Now are you willing to ask for it to declare this is important for you? Whether within a marriage or desiring one, it’s crucial that you begin to share what you want for your life and stop compromising on how you want that reflected for you. Relationships are for relating - so make the effort and make the further commitment. 

7 of Wands: Forcefields UP!

Now you know what it feels like, having the torrent of arrows pointed for you and coming in hot and quick. Not being one for being tied down, this can feel overwhelming. Hold your ground and state your truth. Be willing to walk the talk. Now is the time to say no to what doesn’t feel good, fit you, serve you or stimulate you.

Queen of Pentacles: Freedom through Accountability.

There’s something about this card that speaks to sadness, a mournful reflection on what you were not able to bring into the world of forms. Relationships you wanted to manifest, creative plans, the work that inspires you, it hasn’t turned out the way you’ve wanted it to. It’s time to understand your part in this and reflect on your deeply held beliefs about receiving, trusting and allowing. Look at what you’ve turned away from that was freely offered and what you decided to chase instead.

10 of Swords: Let it Go & Move On

This card speaks to being caught in your thoughs and feeling absolutely drained by this situation. If you are replaying scenarios, it’s time to stop. If you’re settled in a situation that no longer serves you, but it’s familiar pain, it’s time to embrace the unknown. What once was no longer is - take care of yourself first and move forward as quickly as you can.

Knight of Swords: Deliver the Truth

It’s time to take action, to create movement through either separation or further engagement. Someone needs to know how you truly feel! You do know what you want, but your confusion has been in avoidance of feelings: failure, loss, isolation. You’ve been avoiding the good feelings too - potential for freedom, connection, and deep love. Someone needs your message. Be honest and deliver it swiftly, with tact and compassion.

2 of Pentacles: Balance in Relationships

This is your challenge Aries: how can you stay grounded and centered without having to make it all about you, 24/7? Relationships of all kinds are here to show you how to be present and fair, to play nice, to do give without expecting something in return. Understanding the unbalanced way of the past and how you’ve had to battle for your independence, that is over. You’ve walked away from those dynamics. So don’t punish this person for what you’ve endured previously. Be fair - be kind.

Empress: Embracing Your Personal Power

The tale of the victim stops here, as soon as you decide that you deserved more than was offered and so spirit intervened. All the stories of mistreatment - they don’t serve you in the way they perhaps brought you comfort before. You are rising into a new form, full of self-love and creative abundance. Through your passions, you renew yourself and let go of the past.

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I used the Golden Thread tarot for this spread - you can follow me on instagram @screamqueenB as I pull weekly cards on my Instastories. If this resonated for you - please leave me a comment.

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