May 4, 2018


May is Taurus season. Ruled by Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty, it's fitting the card pulled for the overall energies of the month is the beautiful 2 of Cups. This month our relationships will take a major focus - speaking to how we show up, how we reciprocate and how available we are for what we claim to seek. Read more on how this energy will influence all astro signs.

Energies for Earth
Find Your Calm in the Storm

Children of the Earth move slowly, they value perfection and self-sufficiency. Relationships are either a safe place for you to let down your guard or the trigger-point of all the hurt and humiliation you endured by offering your heart to the wrong people. The cards show that you're in the midst of a lot of Chaos & Conflict. May I suggest you are both the cause and the solution. Stubbornness keeps you stuck and separate from the peace you truly desire. Spirit wants you to know that it is safe for you to love. It's time to open your heart and try again.

Read your sign below for where this most applies.

Energies for Air
Bring Your Light to the Party

Authenticity in all avenues of your life is what is required now. This is a call to drop all masks, all the verbal gymnastics and games of misdirection. Attention does not need to be hard-won. You don't have to struggle for connection. You don't have to sparkle or entertain anyone. You deserve love, just because. This month may prompt you to evaluate your relationships and think about reciprocity - are you giving more than receiving? Do you have room to breathe in your connections and are you free to say how you feel? It's time to find out what's real and what's smoke and mirrors.

Read your sign below for where this most applies.

Energies for Water
Let the Past Go

Spirit has closed the door on a significant connection or alliance, but you're still holding on or still clouded by the consequences of letting go. It's time to release all that no longer serves you and clear your energy so you can be free to move forward. This is a time to let go of control and remain flexible to what life has in store for you. Remember your water element - allow yourself to go with the flow and let the Spirit of the Universe lead you further down the path.

Read your sign below for where this most applies.

Energies for Fire
Mending Unions

Deeper connections and commitments are coming forward for you now but the remains of old hurts or misunderstandings are prolonging the emotional fulfilment you crave. This is a time for forgiveness and making amends. When you are able to forgive those who didn't or couldn't be who you wanted (yourself included) the act of peaceful surrender creates space for miracles to occur. This is the key to your happiness. Let the hurt and anger go. There's so much good waiting for you.

Read your sign below for where this most applies.

* * *

10 of Cups: Emotional Fulfillment

For the second month in a row, you've received the 10 of Cups! A significant connection is present here, but something has shifted and is uncertain. This can bring up insecurities, past traumas... is it really safe to open your heart in this situation? Absolutely. Trust and don't add to the drama or stir shit up to see if they will stay when you give them the horns.

Queen of Swords: Be You, But Be Real

You're in your Air element, full of all the dazzle that makes Gemini amazing, but do you lose out on real connection because you want to be admired? Do you keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself so all looks good on the surface? Swords are all about the mind and sometimes thoughts are sharp, particularly when locked inside. You will be loved if you share who you are and what's really going on for you, the good the bad and the ugly.

5 of Cups: Let the Tears Flow, Then Go

Grief can feel like it's living right on the surface now. This is a tough place to be, but sadness can also feel familiar or even comfortable. You might even hold onto it because you know how to deal and may already be expecting disappointment. Or the pain can show up as self-pity, that part of you that feels misunderstood, attacked and victimized. Is there a payoff for that? What sadness are you holding onto that you no longer need? What part in "connection is hard" feels real to you now? Try to remember that feelings are not facts.

9 of Pentacles: Feeling Yourself

The most important relationship you are healing is the one with yourself. You're beginning to tap into the Beyonce vibes, you're flawless even with all your imperfections. Be proud of the tremendous work you've done to trust yourself, manifest your abundance and celebrate all that you have to offer. Once you've accepted yourself fully - watch out world!

Ace of Swords: Ah-Ha Moment

You will be receiving crucial information on why the storm seems to follow you around. Do you just attract the cyclones or is there something important being reflected back to you about what you believe about connection, support and partnership? The Ace in the hand is yours and it signals victory. It also slices through all the bullshit. So pick up your sword and gain your wisdom.

Knight of Swords: Fuck This Shit

Libra's aren't aggressive types until they are pushed to the point of no return. You've had some revelations on where you've defaulted your power to others and it stops now.  The Knight of Swords is swift and ruthless. His warrior energy is the spirit of your forward momentum. You're no longer willing to people please or wait for others to sort out their shitty behaviour. You're done and good riddance. Kick the dust off and go meet some new people. Find the ones who dig your sparkly ass self and forget about the rest. ALT-CTRL-DELETE.

4 of Cups: Can't Get No Satisfaction?

Things have shifted and you know it. There are parts of your life that feel lacklustre and dull, overworked and routine. It's important to be flexible about solutions and explore your options. Chances are you've completely missed out on something obvious because you're so focused on what's not working. What is actually being offered to you?

Eight of Pentacles: You Need Something More

You're travelling through the dark realm of emotions as it's time to walk away from people, projects or cherished dreams that didn't pan out. You can sense the connection and fulfilment you're searching for is close - and it is, but you need to let the old go first. If you want something deeper, it's time to go.

Ace of Pentacles: New Era at your Finger Tips

You have a lot to offer and maybe you're beginning to understand that now. In the midst of tremendous change and loss, you've found the part of you that is solid, real and unshakable. You know who you are - so be grateful for the struggle. In your hands, a new pentacle - your element. It's a peace offering, a new life, a new relationship, a new business, full of hope and potential. So now, who are you going to share your treasure with?

9 of Wands: Work on Boundaries

Guess what? You don't always have to hold people at a distance in order to maintain your freedom and autonomy. You can have these great things called boundaries. Somewhere between the Wall of China and Walmart on Black Friday lies your comfort level and freedom to be yourself while also connecting with others in meaningful ways. You don't have to be an island, but a fence is totally reasonable.

10 of Swords: The Worst is Over, Or IS IT?

Jesus H. Christ Pisces. Enough already, right? How much pain can the squishy heart endure? Well, it's really up to you. It's time to let go of your ex. Which one? How about all of them. 10 Swords in your back speaks to several past hurts that are still unhealed and taking you down. Time to name them. Make a list 1-10 and take a good look at what's draining your energy, what you're bringing with you wherever you go. Release your heavy burdens now so you can be free.

Page of Cups: This is the Real Deal

Bravo Aries, the rest of the zodiac could take note from your fearless leadership. You've really made strides to clear out the wreckage of your past and forgive yourself for harms caused and those caused by others. This has allowed you to bring in the union you've been dreaming of. It's time now to act like your brother Pisces and put some heart into it. Make an offer they can't refuse.

* * * 

I used the Golden Thread tarot for this spread - you can follow me on instagram @screamqueenB as I pull weekly cards on my Instastories. If this resonated for you - please leave me a comment.

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