April 6, 2018


ISHTAR/EASTER marks the arrival of spring, all the elements of the fertile world that have been waiting to bloom. Our creativity, our sexual power, abundance and regeneration - finally here to bust our dusty-ass lives off and shake us up. And if Jesus is your homeboy, the powerful message of the resurrection is here for us too. Here are the big energies manifesting for each sign!

Energies for Earth
Deep Knowing - Trust Your Intuition

This card shows an Owl sitting upon the moon, with a new horizon in the foreground. This speaks to our relationship with our higher self and a peaceful state of being within the unknown. The message is that you do have the answers you seek. You do know what to do next. You do know who you want to be with or that this new person is going to be significant. How you know this is hard to explain, but your divine destiny is unfolding. You must trust your gut above all else.

Read your sign below for where this most applies.

Energies for Air
Chaos & Conflict - Storms Brewing

This card depicts a zebra mid-transformation, his outer shell is popping off and revealing a whole new pattern and form underneath. As we know, the process of transformation is fucking painful. It's full of doubts and loss and discomfort, all which is necessary for the new to come forth. Caterpillars literally go liquid-squish and devour themselves. It's not pretty. Allow for everything to be uncertain, for the wind to pull away all you no longer need. Know that when the dust settles, magic will be revealed.

Read your sign below for where this most applies.

Energies for Water
Time To Go - Completion and End of the Lesson

This card depicts a woman walking the dock. A new door is in the distance but her shoulders are heavy, her head is slightly tilted in defeat. It's hard to let go. But if we want something deeper, if we need something more fulfilling, we must move on. This speaks to being in transition still - we haven't quite made it to the new world, but the stars lay at our feet, pushing us forward. We are meant for so much more than we have now.

Read your sign below for where this most applies.

Energies for Fire
Soulmates - Karmic Connections

This card depicts two penguins in an embrace. They mate for life, with the male taking care of the offspring. This speaks to preconceived notions of masculine and feminine roles, how to reciprocate and receive. Pay attention to the people in your life. You are surrounded by spiritual teachers and likely, bringing in a significant relationship that will show you how to soften into love.

Read your sign below for where this most applies.

* * *

8 Swords (R): Breaking Your Own Resistance 

The 8 of Swords is about being trapped in our fears, our internal prison of why we can't have what we want, why we can't move forward. In reverse, this demonstrates that you are overcoming your mental obstacles and moving forward. With the Soulmates energy this month, you are being led deeper into a relationship - perhaps challenging the fear of losing your independence by allowing the heart-felt connection. 

10 of Cups: Emotional Fulfillment

You are building toward a beautiful time in your life, with endless possibilities of connection, community and perhaps - marriage and children. The cups are offerings of the heart and now you have the full collection coming in. You already feel this is possible. Trust in your divine destiny here, follow the signs and clues as this moment will bring immeasurable joy into your life.

2 of Cups (R): Discord in Your Relationship

In love, two people come together to offer their cup. Ideally, both cups are already full and their nourishment is not given to the other but acknowledged in a "cheers" - I am full, you are full. Let's celebrate! Unfortunately, that's not how many of us approach relationship. Our cups are empty, we expect someone else to fill them and when out of balance, we're flipped upside down so that no matter what is offered, our cups cannot contain it. You may be in a situation where your idea of love is creating conflict, your expectations are unfair or you've grown weary of pouring yourself into a situation that will not hold you. Be mindful of what you give and your intention behind it.

8 of Wands: Important Communication

You will be receiving some intense, possibly unexpected news this month that will rock your foundation or - reinforce what you already know, but don't want to acknowledge. My feeling here with your "Time to Go" energies, is that you've been holding on tight and not paying attention to the signs and nudges. The Universe is about to send you a torrent of arrows to get you finally moving forward and they might be a little sharp!

3 of Cups (R): Third Party Interference

The 3 of Cups is often about celebration and reunions, but in the reverse - the party is over. In conjunction with the Soulmates card, this can speak to a challenge for your relationships, battling for attention and commitment, intentions being unclear, or you're stuck in a love triangle without a clear way out. A literal interpretation of the cups upside down, this situation is not fulfilling for anyone. Now this could mean you're leaving this confusion behind, no longer willing to receive less than you deserve. Trust that walking away will lead to a greater connection and your ultimate fulfillment.

3 of Pentacles (R): Define Boundaries & Collaborate

This is the card of the apprentice - it depicts people coming together to work on something they cannot create by themselves. In reverse, it could speak to conflict within the group or a signal to you that you require help and support. Going it alone is no longer optimal. You have resources available to you - but you're not using them. Listen to your intuition - if you're getting messages to take action, call for support and reinforcements, do it.

6 of Cups (R): Longing for the Past

In the midst of change, it makes sense to feel nostalgic for a time when things seemed simple. This could mean you're clinging to your past self or a former love, looking back through rose-coloured glasses. Libra is guilty of this on a good day, but be careful of re-writing history. Things have shifted for a reason - now and then. There's no turning back. Allow the dust to settle.

Judgment: Wake the Hell Up

"No more fucking around. You have something to offer the world, it's time to do it." That is actually your message from last month - and here it is again, Major Arcana calling you to wake the hell up. Are you still putting on the ear-muffs? Still settling into what isn't serving you? It is time to go - time to clear - time to make the big changes in your life you've been resisting. Not listening to the call will show up as sickness, injury, depression... the list goes on. Don't wait for the Tower to crumble before you make your move.

Queen of Pentacles: The Earth Mother

This card flew from the deck, so pay attention! This is the presence of a great teacher for you. Someone who will help you along your path - a grounding energy that you need to develop within yourself. Lover or friend, this feminine energy is here to change your life and help manifest her qualities of abundance into your world. Time to get real, stay still and let life bloom around you.

Page of Swords: Speak Your Truth

Part of honouring who you are is declarative action: saying it aloud, speaking your truth and confessing what's on your mind and in your heart. Not really your style, but being guarded is not a powerful stance. It actually lets you down, doesn't it?  Your life will shift dramatically when you say what you know you need to say. Be the messenger. Let go of the outcome. Trust that when you honour yourself, the world will rise to embrace you. The real you.

Ace of Pentacles (R): Delayed Start

You're waiting on the money, waiting to unleash a new project, for an offer... it's not quite happening yet. Don't rush or push it. There are reasons for the delay you can't quite see. Something is not quite as it seems, so don't lock it down before the truth is revealed. Conflict and Chaos is the conditions surrounding you right now - which doesn't mean no, just not yet. Hold on to yourself until the storm settles.

The Hanged Man: Necessary Healing

Last month you received the 10 of Swords, probably a dark night of the soul for you. Now the Hanged Man. Both cards depict men in compromised positions. First, with the knives in your back, now strung up by your feet. So think about bleeding out your own poison - your false ideas, your bad habits, your self-sabotage... all that holds you back. You need time to heal, else you're still the same person who was defeated in the first place. This delay may frustrate you, but it's necessary for your healing. No sudden moves. Go within. Focus on you.

* * * 

I used the Starchild tarot for this spread - you can follow me on instagram @screamqueenB as I pull weekly cards on my Instastories. If this resonated for you - please leave me a comment and share your story. You can also do so anonymously - I just love to hear it!

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