February 27, 2018


Love is still in the air for the month of March! The King of Cups has a special message for us - he invites us to open our hearts, to be the change we want to see in the world, to approach others with more compassion, to connect and offer love. For some, this energy will show up as a person. For others, it means we need deeper integration with this character. We need to do as he would do. 

In what ways is love your ministry? How can you bring this kindness, soulfulness and beauty into the world? How can you manifest this energy in your work and relationships? What are you offering? Find your astrological sign for direction on how these energies can be applied.

Remember that overall - the energies of this month are calling us to act from a place of love. This will transform any situation we find difficult and any fear that pops up that has us terrified of making a mistake, shameful of what we've experienced or fearful that we are not enough. We are worthy - that is the true meaning of the King of Cups. 

I suggest reading your rising sign as well - it will help clarify ways in which this loving energy is trying to reach you and what is standing in your way. 

Energies for Earth
Temperance - Healing, Moderation, Abstinence 

The children of the Earth are being called to live more from their heart - to cast aside anything you consume that is toxic (substance, thoughts, people) and embrace your recovery. You are in the process of healing, it is happening for you. Doubts and fears are understandable, but not necessary. Your healing comes from allowing more space for love and the great gifts you have to offer to others. Share your abundance.

Energies for Air
The Lovers - Union, Choices, Connection

You etherial beings are being called back down to Earth, to make commitments and connections with others. Allow yourself to be held within the sacred containers of relationships and groups. Bring your dreamy ideals of love, harmony and beauty back to the real world and put it into practice. Love is not perfect. People are not perfect. You are not perfect - but all are worthy of being seen and accepted. You have much to offer - now is the time.

Energies for Water
Ace of Swords - Clarity, Triumph, New Understanding

You sensitive ones are being gifted with insight, epiphanies and revelations. All the murky water is about to clear. It is best to trust in the truth of your wisdom -  in what you know and think, not in the ebbs and flows of your emotional tides. You need the life raft of your higher self to hold you through this change. You have the power to find stability within yourself.

Energies for Fire
The Hierophant - Spiritual Study, Marriage, Tradition

Fire needs to be harnessed and directed to be of maximum use - to burn bright with purpose. You are being called to a higher level of operating in the world. You may be seeking a spiritual counselor or feel ready to hold yourself to a new level of commitment that will fortify you in ways you can hardly imagine. Seek the space that wants to hold you, so you are safe to be who you truly are.

* * *


10 of Swords: Deep Wounds, Abandonment

The worst is finally over - you've elevated from the 9 of swords (last month) to the 10, an end of a cycle that has left you feeling very wounded and perhaps a little lost. You have made it through.

Look for the clarity that has been offered you. You will understand why you had to go through all of these painful lessons and how it has fortified you. Remember the King of Cups - this is your birthright and your destiny - to reclaim that beautiful person you are. Connect to his loving energy and give this love to yourself. You will heal and appreciate all that you've endured.

Akashic Records: Destiny, Following Your Path

One often finds their destiny on the path they took to avoid it - which means there are no wrong choices, no mistakes or coincidences. Major life events are unfolding for you now. You are coming to a deeply spiritual time where mysteries will begin to reveal themselves and the signs around you will begin to make sense. Above all, follow the call of your heart - your desire and purpose will find you whether you're ready for it or not. 

4 of Cups: Disappointment, Blindness

Sometimes we don't know what good news is. Rejection, loss and dissatisfaction can be for our highest good - because we deserve so much more than we could imagine. The brilliance of this card is the message that we are too focused on what didn't work out and blind to what is being offered. Allow the universe to support you and pay attention to what is here for you right now. It might not be what you expected - but you're about to find out how perfect this opportunity is.

6 of Wands: Victory, Success

If we add all the messages together for you (King of Cups + Lovers + 6 of Wands) you've likely discovered the passion you've been seeking for quite some time. Your creative fulfillment, heart's desire and deepest wish is here for you -  ensure that you are present and grounded to truly appreciate how far you've come and how being true to yourself has finally paid off.

8 of Swords: Resistance, Fear

You are coming to understand that the only thing holding you back right now is you. Even though you're confident, you're present, you're giving to the world...  deep down you know you haven't been on full blast... yet! You're still harbouring fears and doubts. Thankfully, all obstacles are mental so just notice this resistance - call it out, write it down and name it. It will lose it's power over you once you do. 

High Priestess: Secret Knowledge, Intuition

Holy Moly - you have the Hierophant + High Priestess, the divine masculine and feminine, seeking knowledge through traditional rituals and the mystical unknown. You are going to have a massive spiritual transformation here and will likely be surrounded by new teachers, mentors and a new tribe to escort you into this deeper realm of you. Allow for life to get a little weird here - this is truly a magnificent uncovering for you.

The Magician: Power, Alchemy of Transformation

Virgo - heal thyself! This card with your Earth energies of Temperance is an affirmation that you have the power to change your life - but you're going to need your tools and you're going to need to know who the fuck you are. You are magic. You are powerful. You've got this. Take the action required to place you back on the right path.

Perspective: Understanding, Limbo

We need to pause and reflect. We need to get quiet so we can hear our higher self. In these times, our ability to see a situation clearly, to have compassion for ourselves and others is easy to access. With your card combination (King of Cups + Lovers + Perspective) the message is about making a choice to forgive, forget and move forward with a deeper sense of love. Allow things to unfold naturally and pay attention to the other's point of view - you will receive so much when you do.

King of Wands: Creativity, Movement

No more fucking around. You have something to offer the world, it's time to do it. It's time to break it down, pack it up, plan it out, and dish it up. Ideas are coming to you - pay attention! Allow this energy to inspire you forward and chase the momentum. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about - then seek out this King of Wands, the inspired, creative one who gets shit done. Let them show you the way. 

5 of Wands: Conflict, Competition

Things have been uncomfortable. In the midst of the tension, are you just fighting yourself or is the fight necessary to hold your ground? You'll soon have the clarity you need around this but most importantly, if you settle into your heart and see the situation from this place, what changes for you? Whatever action you take, make it from this place. You may not need to struggle so hard for what you want. 

Justice: Fair Treatment, Peaceful Resolution

This card signals a major shift for you, in treating others fairly and accepting fair treatment in return. Justice is also about speaking your truth and having a deeper understanding of why things happened as they did. If you can identify with Lady Justice, balance the right and the wrong that occurred on both sides, the pain will subside and your outcome will be clear. When we speak our truth and hold ourselves to a higher standard, only good can come from it - for all involved.

7 of Swords - Dishonesty, Stuck in the Past

It is time to get real Aquarius and start telling the truth. Last month your message was Deception - there is still something you are holding onto that is not serving you. Typically this card shows a jester (fool) taking what doesn't belong to him, constantly looking over his shoulder. You gotta stop what you're doing and if you have found a way to move on - stop looking back. Our thoughts indicate where we are willing to put our energy. This arrangement you are caught up in is no good for you. Clear it all out so you can be free.

* * * 

I used the Starchild tarot for this spread - you can follow me on instagram @screamqueenB as I pull weekly cards on my Instastories. If this resonated for you - please leave me a comment and share your story. You can also do so anonymously - I just love to hear it!

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