February 6, 2018


Being a double Libra (Sun + Rising) I'm a walking cliche of being in love with love. I'm inspired by stories of how people come together and I'm focused on building something real that lasts. And though the drama of romance can be intoxicating - love is a lot of work! Partnerships can bring a tremendous amount of pain for our own healing, so I resist the "smutty entertainment" that is associated with casting a relationship & romance reading. Relationships are the container where we work through our deepest wounds and see ourselves through another. It's deeply spiritual shit - though many chose to stay on the surface and don't show up for the work.

Love is as natural and abundant as blades of grass - but we're living in times of false scarcity, avoidance and addiction/ego inflation. We have forgotten the spirit of the universe that underlies all encounters. So for my warriors of the light, those holding out for the real deal and those who are demonstrating how to show up, be whole and be together - thank you for being one of the few. Let's go wake some more people up and claim our healing. Here's what the cards have to say...

Deception: Masks, Hidden Motives, Holding Back
King of Swords: Truth, Clarity, Authority

This card signals a need for honesty in your life and chances are, you know what this is about. How authentic are you? How above board? In what ways do you justify your actions or allow others to read between the lines so you don't have to be clear? The masks we wear keep us from connecting to each other. As lone wolf as you like to be, we are all hard-wired for connection. Speak your truth and be willing to live in integrity.

Separation: Time Alone, Breaking Apart, Distance
Nine of Swords: Worries, Anxiety, Insomnia

This combination signals the end of a relationship - or fears around being on your own. For you beautiful empaths, fear and loss are hard spaces to settle into. Connect to your support systems and be mindful of the ruminating thoughts, which often tell the story of why we don't have (or can't have) what we want. Take time to work out these negative self-beliefs, change your thoughts and you change your circumstances.

Healing Family Issues: Breaking Patterns, Forgiveness
Ace of Cups: New Love, Spark of Inspiration

Sparks fly and new relationships are bringing unexpected healing into your life. This relationship is challenging you to let go of the past and write a new story. Love heals all, even the core of our original wounds. Open your heart and allow this miracle to happen.

Keep an Open Mind: Let Go of Expectations
The Star: Spirituality, Hope, Celestial Blessings

The Star signals a deeply spiritual event - often comes as a wish come true. Someone is entering your life who will be very influential, but they are not at all what you were expecting! This is an important message to keep focused on your heart's desire and let go of the outcome. We don't get to tell the gift how to show up. Pay attention to those you've overlooked.

Give Your Relationship a Chance: Work on Your Partnership
The Sun: Innocence, Vitality, Success

For those about to throw in the towel or feeling riddled with doubts, stay the course! The Sun brings beautiful energies to you, a renewal and heightened happiness. Love is still here for you and committing to your relationships fully (romantic and platonic) will ensure success. Just because it can be hard, doesn't mean it's not worth it.

Engagement: Higher Level of Commitment
The Fool: Beginnings, Free Spirit, New Journey

You're in the middle of a significant time for you and yes, some of you are getting engaged or married. Even if single, you're levelling up in terms of how you show up in relationships with others and with yourself. Choices you make now will set you on a new path, full of blessings and growth. Stay intentional and focus on the exciting parts of the unknown. You are meant for this journey. 

Retreat: Time to Disconnect From the World
King of Cups: Deep Emotions, Soulmate, Compassion

This could signal a romantic getaway or a need for alone time as you foster a deeper connection with a partner. It may also signal a need to remove yourself from the distractions (and romantic back-ups)  as you prepare for your next relationship. As cliche as it sounds, we can only meet what we match. Do you possess the qualities you desire in another person? The King of Cups signals an exciting match is here for you, so what do you have to let go of to allow this to happen?

Soulmate: Significant Relationship, Spiritual Teacher
Queen of Crystals: Nurturing, Resourceful, Abundant

The Queen of Crystals is representative of you at your finest, living in abundance and self-confidence, ready to offer the world. When we reach this place of feeling home in our own skin, that's often when we attract a partnership to bring us deeper into healing and revealing our authentic selves. Soulmates are not easy partnerships, they often are uniquely designed to push our buttons and reveal the places we need healing. This person is your soulmate. Trust that you will be better for being together, whether for a season or a lifetime.

Trust: Have Faith - All is well
Knight of Cups: Romance, an Offer of Love

You have an admirer Libra who will soon reveal their feelings and intentions. Faith is required now - faith in love, in the ability to heal and your ability to receive. For the caregivers of the zodiac, it's a challenge to allow space for others to show up for you. You know how you want to be wooed and you're willing to do all the work - which is why your faith in love has been tested. Allow for your champion to prove themselves and trust - you deserve love and it will find you.

Love Yourself First: Self Respect Makes You More Attractive
The Tower: Sudden Change, Loss, Bewilderment

Here's your warning sign Scorpio - massive changes are coming and you'll need to find your centre. This could be an ending, could be a hard truth to accept, or the recognition that you've built your hopes and dreams on shaky ground. Your message is, do not go back to sleep. Do not tolerate the intolerable. Do not give yourself away in order to keep the status quo. Whatever is happening will bring you to a deeper sense of presence within yourself. Be gentle with yourself.

Very Soon: Decide What You What
Five of Swords: Tension, Hollow Victory, Pride

Time to cut the shit Sagittarius. The mental gymnastics you've put yourself and others through is exhausting - it's time to make a decision. The Five of Swords indicates that you've been engaging in a battle between wills and keeping others at a distance. Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? Do you want to be untethered or have you caught the feels and it feels good? Lay down your defenses, quit your slippery dance on the surface of things and get real. What does your heart want?

Wedding: This Situation Involves Marriage
Four of Swords: Rest, Contemplation, Retreat

You're conflicted, aren't you? Well, this card combination makes two things very clear. 1) You are meant for deep and lasting love. 2) You need to take your time getting to know this person. You're still in a place of healing and need time to recoup. All is not lost if you ask this person to wait - they will. Reveal who you are and what you want to be for them while respecting the "slow is real" approach. This is end-game material. Treat it as such.

I've cast this reading with Doreen Virtue's Romance Angels Oracle and the Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel. For tarot lovers, check out the deck here: http://www.starchildtarot.com/ 
Does it resonate? Leave me a comment below - tell me your story.

Photo by Dara Scully

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