January 8, 2018


TEMPERANCE is a beautiful way to start off the year. A symbol of healing, recovery and moderation, it's a call for us to leave behind addictive tendencies, negative attachments and to welcome a new way of being in the world. It signals a deeply spiritual time that calls for the alchemy between worlds and between our hearts. What do you bring to your lips? Does it nourish or poison you? Find your sign below for a deeper understanding of what healing needs to take place for you now.

9 of Swords

You are haunted by apparitions of the past, a fear of the pain that has already come to you. This creates anxiety, hesitation and a loss of perspective. You have yet to transmute the pain into the lesson. The wisdom of the nightmare card is the realization that the struggle occurs only within your mind. Get out of your head. You are the only one holding you back.

8 of Swords

The vibration of 8 is a forward movement - a decision to be made. You are being called to step out of fear. Feeling stuck is not a natural state of being. It takes a lot of willpower and stubbornness to hold your ground. All of these obstacles, they aren't real. They have no power over you. Take the first step - you'll see.

6 of Swords

Your healing requires a passage through the mental obstacles - all the hurtful thoughts and words you've said and experienced. Your pain has a purpose. It gives you the forward momentum to a greater understanding of yourself, life, love, death... Each sword acquired is heavy. Truth is a burden, but it fortifies the warrior like nothing else. Stay strong.

Ace of Swords

Time to speak your truth, tell the truth and defend the truth as you understand it. The Ace is the first movement in the suit of swords, the first offensive strike and the first defense. This is an opportunity for you to stand in greater integrity, strength and freedom. Take it.

6 of Cups

Your heart longs for a time once known. Healing comes to you from emotions felt when you focus on the good times and reflection can bring gratitude to the forefront. But be wary of starring too long at the old castles in the sky. The past is behind you for a reason.

8 of Cups

Like your Aquarian pals, you need to make a decision and yours is one for the heart. Unlike the disappointment and devastation of the 4 and 5 of cups, you've reached a place of acceptance. You've had to swallow some hard truths and now it's time to let go and move on - perhaps only if to let go of the illusion of what you thought you knew for something more real, less sparkly, but more substance. 

10 of Crystals

You're healing through your community, connection and family - the ones you choose. It's no longer optimal to go through life alone and you've built up your tribe to sustain and support you. Friends and family are your most important teachers right now. You're also elevating your levels of presence and commitment in these groups. Build your legacy. 

8 of Crystals

Honouring your craft, building your artistry and skill is of utmost importance - it requires all of your focus. Leaving the spotlight to work behind the scenes may feel like an unnatural move for you, but you will be fortified with a stronger sense of self. Self-esteem is earned through action, so get to work.

3 of Crystals

Healing comes to you from delegation and learning to collaborate with others. Each playing your part, allowing others to support you and building up trust in a community around you. The group will be your container for recovery. Play your part and enjoy the peace that comes to you when you don't have to do everything yourself. 

2 of Cups

Time does not heal your wounds - only love can do that, and it's here for you now. Your healing container is the relationship with one who is able to meet you halfway. The trouble Libra gets into is overcompensating and giving too much of themselves. Allow yourself to open up and be rejuvenated through the receiving. This is an incredible gift from the universe. Welcome all that is offered you.

3 of Wands

Healing occurs when you realize you have the power to achieve all that you desire but first, you need a plan. Take time to explore your options, write some lists, journal and start networking with others. Time to tap into your natural passions and purpose.

3 of Swords

Time to heal the hurts of the past and cultivate forgiveness - yes, forgiveness. Every time we hold onto the painful memories or words said, the knife drives deeper into our hearts - not theirs. Your lesson is to embrace grief as a part of life, a valuable part that will demonstrate the beauty of life and show you who you truly are. Be gentle with yourself now.

I've cast this reading with my new favourite deck, the Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel. For tarot lovers, check out her site here: http://www.starchildtarot.com/


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