January 6, 2018

A Starseed Journey

We are all heroes on a spiritual quest, enduring the dark night of the soul, falling in love, breaking apart, facing our demons... our character is unique and yet universal. Tarot is a mystical tool of divination that illuminates all of the possible stories within a human life, in endless combinations. Becoming acquainted with your story and where you are on the path is an exciting task. Now that 2018 is upon us, The Fool is the archetype to embrace. We are on the verge of an incredible journey - are you ready?

While we are bombarded with New Year's Resolutions, the call to contain, restrain and constrict... I urge you to follow a better way. The Fool does not lead with the head. Fools are not list-makers, they do not sit and strategize nor partake in risk assessment. This is not the spiritual essence of how new life takes shape and form.

Fools are lead by the heart, they travel light and they keep their head lifted to the Source that lights the way. This is the energy to embrace: be heart-led, joyful, and in communion with spirit. Practice gratitude. If you're going to list-make, use crayons and allow for a messy exploration of all the things that curl your toes and flip your stomach. Take risks and leaps of faith. Let go of all hesitation. Let go of "it's not realistic."  

What is it that you truly want?
Where does your mind wander when left unsupervised? 
What ignites you? 

Can you take a step towards that? If you must make a resolution, make it a declaration that from this moment, you will not be the one who holds you back from life.

Laugh with your heart to the sky and pay no attention how you may be perceived. This is how the new comes to us - in all it's terrifying beauty. Embrace it.

Image above is The Starseed from the Starchild Tarot deck by Danielle Noel.

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