October 30, 2017

Tarotscopes: All Hallow's Eve

The veil between worlds is thinning as we're just days from Halloween. Whether we're drudging up the old costumes or reflecting on our past, it's time to play with the dead. So here's a specific Tarotscope  reading on what needs to fall behind as we enter the darker days.

Overall Energies: Three of Swords

The Swords are a heavy suit. Associated with the mind, swords are the cutting truth, the burdens of wisdom, the ruminating thoughts that follow us. In Tarot we see three cuts to the heart. Grief, heartache, loss. The unholy trinity. I'm not surprised we received this card as Jupiter recently transitioned into Scorpio, bringing to the forefront all we keep hidden in our emotions and our relationships. The message for you now is to appraise what you've learned so that pain can turn into purpose. Read your sign below for clarification on how this energy is helping you.


Think of the ritual of mummification. It's a perfect way to demonstrate the lengths that you will go to in order to hold on to your old way of life. We hold onto old relationships, jobs, possessions, in an attempt to not feel the grief of its absence. This only holds us in limbo, unable to welcome the new life awaiting us. It's hard to let go, especially when time and time again, you've been hurt and disappointed. The Oracle's message is that you are not cursed, you've only developed a pattern. Change what you can (you) and embrace the transition, allowing the dead to stay buried. Then your heart will be set free.



The only thing you need to let go of is everything. Massive destruction is taking place, in case you haven't noticed already. Trust that this is all happening for your highest good. Trust the wisdom of the fire that burns up everything you thought you knew and held close. Sometimes everything needs to fall apart and fall away before growth can take place. Pain is the often the trade off for transformation and both are coming for you, whether you are ready or not. Have faith, as the fire of the Phoenix is here to revive you and reveal who you are truly meant to be. Let this happen.



It's time to cast off the shackles of everything that has been holding you back. This is an invitation to embrace the parts of you that were kept hidden, or perhaps were tamed because of a great loss or trauma. After a struggle against change - or against knowing what you know to be true - there is a point of surrender and a release to the magic of transformation. Howl at the moon! It's time to celebrate your power and your purpose!


It is time to be very gentle with yourself. You have learned a lot from loss and are still needing time to grieve. Reflect on those who have been part of forming who you are. Remember that every experience, every relationship - particularly those which have been difficult, have had their purpose. This card with the Three of Swords also signals the achievement of initiation. Much wisdom is gained from sorrow. When you share your feelings and honour the space of healing required, you are able to light the way for others who are lost. Be the light and you'll soon be reminded you are not alone.



We can only bare the brunt of pain by ourselves for so long. This Oracle is a message that you need to heal from the things that have happened and that you must seek out a variety of techniques or methods to ensure your own nourishment. Cauldrons were often placed in the center of the household and brought the family together for food and for healing concoctions. It's time to use the tools at your disposal to revitalize yourself - which includes reaching out for help. Doing this alone is no longer an option.



Mmm... candy apples. A staple of Halloween, a symbol of nourishment and also temptation. When hurtful relationship experiences have hardened your heart, it's easy to be cynical and critical of any true possibility of romance. Yet it's time to ask yourself, with your constant assessment of risk and reward, have you not already missed out on the sweetness of life? Are you truly living? The wisdom of the Three of Swords is that pain is a part of life. Don't be afraid to catch feels. Only love can balance out the hurt and revive you.



The spider is self-sufficient and often alone, much like you Aries. Yet the web is about weaving connections. It's time to look at your relationships and your place within them. Could the fear of connection, confrontation, boundaries and a loss of identity be keeping you to the shadows? Being alone for these reasons is not true independence, but fear. The world needs your energy and leadership. Time to bring your skills to the table and inspire others with your magic!


This is a time of suspension, to review your life and your choices. As the dead are called to witness their mortal life and to see where they may have strayed from the path, so must you. There's nothing more to do, no action to take besides self-care. Answers will come through the gentle quiet time found in meditation or writing in a journal. Have faith that forces are working on your behalf in the background and you will emerge from this time, better for it.


Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us... It's an interesting order in that prayer. Often we do the easy thing first, which is making amends. Forgiveness however, of those who have caused us great hurt and pain, can take a lot longer to achieve.Who needs your forgiveness?  What story needs to die? What resentment are you clinging to? You deserve to be free of the weight of the past. Your first step could be as simple as making the choice to.



Winter is a major event that pulls us into the dark and into the quiet. It's a time where things die and end. We slow down, we take rest and retreat. We become still. This is a natural cycle of our lives, where we prune and discard whatever is in our environment or emotional life that no longer suits us. Things are changing below the surface and need time. Be still and embrace this peaceful pause.



The veil between worlds thins and messages from the Other Side can be heard and felt. It's time for you to listen and to notice the signs. This card comes as a message about planting intentions for the future and trust you are being guided. Destiny is a long road map defined by our bones and blood, and also our spirit. Magic is about to happen - so allow yourself to follow the threads of fate.



Remember what a powerful force love is. We are formed from the love between our ancestors and they live on within us, truly immortal. In spite of appearances, all who have loved you and all you have shared your heart with, stay with you and change you. Beyond separation, beyond the grave. Love is never lost. This cards signal a change in relationship and perhaps an ending to its current form. 


All Hallow's Eve reading was cast with the Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco and the Golden Thread Tarot. Have a fantastic Halloween everyone!

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