October 12, 2017

Love Letters to the Universe

Photo by Laura Makabresku
Once we've let go of the plot, now what? Do we wander aimlessly without hopes or dreams? Do we float tits up in surrender? No. Now we get to the good stuff. In transitional times, this is where we pull up the sleeves and lay out all our materials for alchemy. We ask ourselves, how do I want to feel now? What do I want to experience and who do I want with me?

At some point this Thanksgiving, some Instagram post or enthusiastic family member reminded you that this is the time of year where we list off the shit we're grateful for. Some of us welcome the opportunity for a #blessed selfie with a pumpkin spice latte, others just want to be left alone to trip out on Tryptophan while we avoid the why we're still single spiel.

I think it's important to recognize that gratitude is simply the practice of noticing what feels good and what we want to feel more of. I used to force myself into writing lists of things I felt I should have been grateful for, like I would somehow waterboard my cynicism to appreciating shit that just wasn't serving me. I was pretty busy convincing my brain that if I wrote it out 1000 times, my brain would shift to see situations as tolerable in the guise of "acceptance." This my friends is actually fear - because when we realize we don't feel good, that means we gotta do something about it. If you're not happy, quit trying to tell yourself you should be. That's not gratitude, it's self-abuse.

What I would like to invite you to do is a few simple actions that will demonstrate the power of real gratitude as a tool of manifestation and a force that can shift our perspectives. For this you will need some paper and pens. Time to turn thoughts into things.

Colour Some Shit

Bookstores are cluttered with colouring books for adults. Get you some. Not only will you activate joy through being playful, but it's actually a meditation and most of us need to be tricked into it to achieve the benefits of it. You'll notice a decrease in uttering death-threats in your car.

Vision Boards - Not Just for Oprah Fans and Stalkers

Although I daydream constantly, I had an aversion to making a vision board. It just seemed a little too "Desperate Housewife" for me. Yet as a writer/director, I have no issues collecting a colour pallet for tone, mood, location... It's called research. It's called building the storyworld. Our lives require the same attention to detail and it's incredibly powerful.

Here's a story. In December 2014, I cut out all of these photographs from travel magazines with beautiful images of posh hotels in the Mediterranean. I arranged them with photographs of palm trees and anything else that created an emotional response. The process felt good, then I forgot about it. In May 2015, I took the elevator to the top floor of the Raddison Blu Hotel during my stint at the Cannes Film Festival and I froze in my tracks. Before me was the most spectacular rooftop, with white linens and the French Riviera below with palm trees. It was the kind of site that would stop anyone in their tracks, only I couldn't move because I had actually seen this all before. One of my photographs was of that very hotel, though I didn't know it at the time. I also didn't have the means or money to travel to such a place. It's all minor details when you're clear about what you want.


Alchemy is all about measuring useful substances in the proper ratios. The 4-2-1 Journal is just that. You list 4 things you are grateful for, send love to 2 people and then ASK for 1 thing. The self-focused ASK will be the motivation for you to do this daily. Through this, I've discovered that I have a pretty great life and a lot of people to send love to. Sometimes, I'm not sure what to ask for and looking back, I've often got what I listed and fast!

Write a Love Letter

This is a personal note to whatever Higher Power or Spirit of the Universe you believe in. It's a particular Thank You note, listing all the things about life and this world that make you smile. We need to actively search these things out and elevate our consciousness to a more positive vibration. What happens when you don't know what makes you tick? A research adventure! Go find out.

Gratitude is not meant to be the blinders up while the house is burning. It's not meant to disconnect from the troubles of the world. It's an opportunity for you to declare that how you feel matters, what life and others offer you matters and your contribution matters too. We all deserve to feel good, no matter what is happening around us. So try it and let me know what happens. xoxo


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