February 19, 2016

Lost in the Dark

The creative path is non-linear. This can be terrifying when you want results or assurance of doing the right thing. The unknown is the space where the new is born and fumbling around in the dark is necessary. Problem is, we don't recognize this as part of the process. We resist it and shame ourselves for being lost and afraid.

In Tarot, this is represented by The Moon. 

This is where we confront our shadow self, all of the whispers and wants that remain neatly tucked into the corners of our psyche. It is our wild that will not be tamed. It is our deception and illusions, it's the unconscious beliefs that can sabotage and subvert our dreams in the daytime. It is also the feminine wisdom of delving into the underworld for transformation. We cannot avoid or pass through these moments too quickly. It's our moment to commune with the unseen world.
From the Starchild Tarot

If you're picking the moon card or relating to this part of the journey, know that collectively our paths are accelerating. We are all part of this global awakening and a new understanding that creativity is our purpose and contribution, whether we consider ourselves as "creative" or not.

So how do we hold fast through the reality of this painful process of letting go, not knowing, and being afraid of what comes next? Radical acceptance. Sometimes detours are necessary. Breakdowns are breakthroughs. That toxic relationship, that crushing perfectionism, the procrastination that had you organizing your sock drawer... all of it contributes to the cause and all can be harvested. Accept it. Surrender. Use swear-laden prayers to get you through. And if you really need to hear it, you're on the right path. Even when it's unclear.

Creativity demands that you continue. Keep tending to your seeds though you have no idea what will break through or when. Keep your hands on the wheel, though the road is dark and Radiohead lyrics are spinning around in your mind. I lost myself, a few times. Only in hindsight did I realize how valuable that was.

Riding through the dark is necessary. It helps you decide where you would rather be. This is the time to invest your energy into your dreams. Preserve your potential. Cut out anything and anyone that doesn't sit right. Listen to the loneliness of your heart. Longing is good for you. At the end of the day, your creative spark will sustain you. Allow everything else to fall away.


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